Friday, November 18, 2016

Final Roster for DDMS Girls Basketball

Carter L.
Faith M. 
Tamsi E.
Isabela G.
Reese L. 
Kimmie B.
Chasity S.
Keanna R. 
Jameisha P.
Emily O. 
Markayla M.
Savannah D.
Alana S.-D.
Taylor M. 

Congratulations to the this year's DDMS squad.  We will practice from 4pm to 5:45pm on Monday and Tuesday of next week (Nov.21 and 22).  If there are any conflicts please let Coach Houghton know as quickly as possible. 

Thank you to all of the girls that tried out.  You made my job very difficult.  Continue to play and enjoy basketball.  Do not let this be the last time you are on a court.  
                                                               Coach Houghton