Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The FIVE Themes start here...

Where are we???

The 5 Themes of Geography will be reviewed throughout this year.  I do not expect them to be experts but we will be introducing/reviewing the 5 Themes for the first two weeks.  

location: Where am I and how do I get there? There is absolute and relative location.

place: What is it like to live there?  Physical and Cultural features.

the environment and human interaction: How do we/they interact with the Earth?

movement: How and why are people, goods, and ideas moved into and out of this place?
(My personal favorite...they are all pretty cool, though.) 

regions: Student:  Isn't this just another place?  
              Me:  No.
              Student:  Well then what is it?
              Me:  It's complicated and sometimes made up.  :)
Regions can be based upon physical or cultural characteristics.  

---We begin with a crash course in the 5 Themes and then compare and contrast ancient civilizations based on the themes.  We will focus on Geography, Religion, Achievements, Politics/Governmnet, Economics, and Social Structures.